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Employment binds two parties in a contract. The two parties are- the employer and the employee. An employer is an individual or an institution that hires employees or gives jobs to employees. The employer manages a productive activity for creating profits. The employees chip in with their labor, generally in return for payment of wages. Employment exists in any commercial setting and in the public, nonprofit and household sectors.

In capitalist societies, employment is a very common phenomenon. The opponents of capitalism, especially the Marxists oppose this system. Because, the employees contribute the most to the enterprise but they do not get a proportionate share of the profit. In the US, both the employer and the employee are free to terminate the job contract any time for any reason or for no reason at all.

An employer may be an individuals or an organization. The big organizations provide jobs to many employees. Governments are the largest single employers in most of the Western countries. However, the small and medium business houses in the private sector provide the maximum employment opportunities.

The rapid advancement in communication technologies has brought many changes to the entire employment scenario. There are many job opportunities today that cross the traditional barriers of space and time. There is no need of a particular place for the employer and the employee to meet. The employees can work at the comfort of home and contribute their share to the organization.

Home based employment gives the opportunity to earn by utilising personal experiences. You may have already gained those experiences by being a consumer. The home based jobs allow you to put your experiences into some productive activity.

Working from home economises time and effort. It leaves you with more free time and the freedom to pursue other hobbies and interests. A home based employment opportunity means freedom from the pain of making compromises. A big advantage of such jobs is that you can decide your own working hours. It enables you have a better control over your life.

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